The Easiest Way to Prevent Lung Cancer

Diagnosis Methods of lung cancer

Although clearly the symptoms of lung cancer have been discovered, unfortunately, some people who basically had been suffering from lung cancer not realize that something went wrong on their lungs. This applies, particularly for active smokers. These symptoms are usually quite considered regular breathing disorder by people who have the habit of smoking so that they will not be about that.

Instantly you e.g. experiencing cough accompanied by blood and mucus so much unlike normally, then the conditions You need to be promptly sent to the doctor immediately. Lung cancer suffered a possibility has entered into an advanced stage so you need a proper diagnosis. When you sign in at the stage or advanced stage, treatment will not be given due to a previous intensify a decrease in immune system so that the treatment would be futile.

The Easiest Way to Prevent Lung Cancer

Before it becomes severe and before entering into the final stage, namely the stage 4, it is important to undergo a complete examination process. A proper diagnosis is necessary so that you can get the handling as well as the right medicine. The following are a number of tests and early detection that will give you the assurance against the condition of lung cancer is actually:


1. Imaging Test/Imaging

An x-ray is the most commonly used by physicians when diagnosing lung cancer at the beginning of the inspection and from this tumor in the lung organ will be shown. When the results of the x-rays are out and it is stated or at least suspected there was lung cancer, patients are obliged to perform advanced tests to further ensure. X-rays cannot be used to view the odds details.

For that is the CT Scan is the next examination you need to travel for all abnormal small will be able to be presented. Imaging using CT Scan results are guaranteed more satisfying because it looked more clearly so that details can be known. Examination with PET-CT scans is also necessary if you want to know where the location of an active cancer cell in a part of Your organs. These include imaging things are wont to do when the results of the examination of wear CT-Scan showed the cancer cells that are in the early stages.

CT-Scan is particularly recommended to those who:
• Age 55 up to 79 years of age.
• have a habit of smoking during the last 15 years.

2. Examination of Sputum

When experiencing cough, You will produce phlegm and to find out whether this condition is normal to a cough or a cough as a symptom thus lung cancer, examination of sputum is important to be. Using a microscope that is in the laboratory, the phlegm cough will be checked properly. This kind of examination is also usually used to able to detect the presence or absence of cancer cells in lung organ part.

3. Examination with Biopsy

A biopsy is one of the steps taken to check for lung tissue. This known cancer biopsy is an examination of methods by taking samples of lung tissue that is normally carried out after the imaging test. With this inspection, then the cancer cells that exist in the chest will be able to be presented through the samples already taken by doctors.

Developmental stages of lung cancer

Each condition has cancer stages each and in General, there are 4 stages. The stages are also known by the term stadium it will explain how severe your condition and how far the development of lung cancer cells in your body. This is a stage of lung cancer:

  1. • Stage 1 is a stage where the spread of cancer has not occurred and the cancer is still centered in the organs of the lungs. Yet this onset of dissemination the intent had not yet reached the lymph nodes in the area as well as the surrounding area. This is because the size of the tumor is still somewhat is small, amounting to about 5 cm.
  2. Stage 2 is a stage where cancer has spread; any size tumor. This spread occurs usually in other parts of the body organs, especially the attack the lymph nodes, and then also a layer of wrapping the lungs, diaphragm, as well as the chest cavity. The size of the tumor is already exceeding 5 cm are considered already entered the stadium 2.
  3. Stage 3 is the stage where the spread of cancer cells are getting extended. Of which had spread to the regional lymph nodes, cancer cells are able to spread further from the lungs. The size of the tumor in the lung organ is also getting bigger so it could quickly attack the organs in the body that is located not far from the lungs.
  4. Stage 4 is the last stage that is clearly the most serious because of the spread of cancer cells occur in the lungs. Not only lung cancer, also began to eat away at other organs located far away from the lungs, such as the heart and brain. Stage 4 also could be signaling the emergence of fluid there are cancer cells in a part of the lungs and the heart.

Judging from the information, then it can be summed up in simple terms that the basis of categorization or stages of lung cancer is as follows:

  • The large size and the small tumors.
  • The process of the cancer cell spreads to the lymph nodes.
  • The process of the cancer cell spreads to other organs its location away from the lungs.

How to prevent lung cancer

Cancer that is malignant is certainly very scary and worrisome because it can bring death to its victims. There are a number of steps that are worth trying to do prevention of lung cancer. According to the Modern Cancer Hospital of Guangzhou, the ways it is including the best and rewarding to make lungs always healthy.

  1. Adequate rest is the main step in avoiding many diseases, including lung cancer. The break is the best in the evening is from 11 nights (sleep) until 5 am (the time wake up) and this time is considered the most well because this is the moment where the Detox process will help you stay healthy. A normal Detox process can work well when you are in a State of sleep.
  2. Maintain the cleanliness and noting the environment is also important and it is important for those of you who just moved home to be more vigilant. There are sharp and toxic compounds, gasses that are in the House, then be sure to wait until all the new homes could be lost. Open the window and use the vacuum machine is very useful when you are in the kitchen cooking activities. It is necessary to keep the kitchen to avoid air pollution which is not good for the respiratory system.
  3. Stop the smoking habit is clearly one way to prevent lung cancer. The main factors of the emergence of lung cancer are actually smoking because there are so many chemicals that are not friendly to the human body is found in c1garettes.
  4. Avoid becoming passive smokers is also very important because even if you are not an active smoker, but too often exposed to c1garette smoke also isn’t very good for the health of the lungs.
  5. Active exercise is one of the ways a healthy lifestyle can help you far from all diseases, including lung cancer. Frequent exercise can improve lung health if done on a regular basis. But if You include people who very rarely do sports, it’s good this routine starts gradually. It is recommended for all adults for at least one week of exercise 2 to 3 hours.
  6. Consuming healthy food is certainly an obligation because it gives the intake of nutrients to the body is a sign that You care for the body and maintain good health as well. Foods that are high in fiber and low in calories and fat is best, such as fruits and vegetables that can be used as main menu every day.
  7. Avoid consumption of supplements or drugs will also help lung health is maintained properly. Vitamin pills and supplements are not too safe if taken too often and a lot. Despite the promising health care for the body, a number of such drugs will still give some side effects can be quite dangerous to the organs of the body.
  8. Avoid stress or depression and make sure always good mood will also have an effect on the condition of the organs of your body. Think and act positively is one of the best ways in maintaining health.
  9. Planting green plants on your home page will be very useful to improve lung health. Has a page filled with greenery will provide more oxygen. You will be able to feel its benefits first time early in the morning you wake up and train the breathing on the home page.

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