7 Recommended Way to Treat Lung Cancer

Lung cancer suffered by the more dominant male. However, it does not cover the possibility of cancer is also suffered by women, especially women with a smoking activities either actively or passively. Even further, according to a study of lung cancer including cancer that’s easy to preventable if it has a regular life pattern of intentions.

In the medical world, there are two types of lung cancer are categorized according to the kind of the first cell. Lung cancer, non-small cell lung cancer that is common in smokers. Second, small cell lung cancer, namely that occurs in people who have never smoked, starting with the chest near the bronchi and spread widely. The spread of lung cancer small cell two times faster than the type of lung cancer. Some of the factors that affect lung cancer such as pollution, c1garette smoke, radiation, as well as arsenic.

7 Recommended Way to Treat Lung Cancer

Diagnose lung cancer earlier will simplify handling against this disease. Important note for lung cancer diagnosis at an early stage is made by physical examination of the patient, among others from phlegm (sputum examination of patients issued when coughing), x-ray imaging and CT Scan to find out the types of tumors, PET CT Scan to determine the location of the tumor are actively, and the last is the cancer cell Biopsy to know its spread.


Lung cancer has several treatment methods that are different from other types of cancer. The treatment is done based on factors such as the following,

  • Types of cancer
  • The level or levels of severity of cancer and the spread of cancer
  • Sufferers of the condition
  • The following are the methods of treatment and handling should be done when the patient proved to suffer from lung cancer.

1. Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy is a method of destruction of cancer cells that are still at an early stage. At the first stage of this kind is usually not pleased patients doing surgery, so in this method of treatment is carried out using a flat-shaped tube enters into the location of the tumor. The next step is to launch a laser beam to destroy cancer cells.

2. Biological Therapy

Biological therapy is done on sufferers who want to take an alternative pa. In contrast to chemotherapy, biologic therapy to use several types of drugs including gefitinib, erlotinib, which in fact only inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Biological therapy is usually recommended for patients with non-small cell lung cancer that has already spread and painful surgery.

3. Radiofrequency Ablation

Early stageĀ small cellĀ lung cancer ablation treatment methods typically use. The usual procedure is done when the sufferer is safe with heart conditions, or in other words, has a heart condition. Because of this method of treatment, using the flow of radio waves that affect other internal organs.

On the method of ablation medical team will take action in the form of the tumor with needle stabbings which is directed with CT Scan. When the needle is already successfully penetrating the tumor is, then radio waves will be streamed with the consequences of such a flow of hot flavor to kill cancer cells. The side effects caused due to this action in the form of appearance of airbags that are on the outer layer and in the lungs of the patient.

4. Cryotherapy

In the condition in which the cancer cells had already managed to spread and close the air duct cryotherapy action required to overcome these circumstances. The method of cryotherapy uses a tool called cryoprobe which is placed on the tumor and can generate cool temperatures to help minimize tumor.

5. Adoption of cancer cells

This method of treatment has been carried out for the entire cancer survivors. The operation is done by taking or lifting the cancer cells as well as some parts of the surrounding healthy tissue is to prevent the spread of cancer cells to other networks. Some action of cell removal surgery of lung cancer include,

  • Wedge Resection, the method of appointment of a small portion of lung tissue
  • Lobectomy, Rapture lobes (the part of the lung), the lungs still function even though this was done.
  • Pneumonectomy, the appointment of one side of the lung are intact. In this condition, the lungs can still function.
  • Surgical removal of this kind obviously poses some complications or side effects are quite heavy felt by the sufferer as blood clotting on a particular part, lung inflammation, and bleeding.

6. Radiotherapy

As it is well known that there have been many methods of radiotherapy is a treatment method that pretty much chosen by cancer patients.Radiotherapy radiation energy to wear destroy cancer cells. This method can also be done when intending to kill residual cancer cells that the possibility is still lagging. Side effects resulting from these actions are usually in the form of chest pain, fatigue, cough, bleeding, and difficult to swallow.

7. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a procedure of destroying cancer cells through the therapy of certain drugs. Chemotherapy is done later because it takes a period of recovery after undergoing the process of chemotherapy before. Side effects resulting from this process in the form of mouth ulcers, vomiting, hair loss, and physical fatigue.

Basically, the lung cancer is classified as a type of cancer is easily prevented. It ‘d be good for you to prevent this deadly disease with several actions such as the following,

  • Quit smoking and avoid smokers
  • Work out, often breath of fresh air in the morning
  • Drink plenty of plain water
  • Consume food and drinks that are free from preservatives
  • Applying the pattern of life and a mindset that healthy and balanced

Such an informative article about how to treat lung cancer may be useful for you!


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