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Lung Cancer Symptoms in Females, Symptoms and Treatments

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Lung cancer symptoms in females could be different than what happen in males in many ways. The differences in the appearance could be one of the many factors. Well, in this article we are going to discuss the fact of lung cancer in the female.

Other than the causes, response to the treatments, the rates of survival, and even the symptoms, what are the other differences and why? Read this article then.

Lung Cancer Symptoms in Females, Symptoms and Treatments

Lung cancer symptoms in females

In certain illnesses, the symptoms happen to females and males might be differed such as the heart attack. Apparently, this also happens on lung cancer symptoms. It could happen because the cancer cells grow in the different place in men and women.

In women, the common symptoms are such as the unexplainable sudden fatigue, shortness of breath with gradual onset, and also pain in the back or chest which indicates that the cancer cells are spread to the bone too. Other than that, the back or chest pain could be the first sign that indicates something is wrong.


Statistic about lung cancer in females

For your information, lung cancer is also the number one cause that leads to cancer deaths in females. It kills more female humans in every year than ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, and breast cancer combined into one.

Even though the number one cause is smoking, there is at least 20% of death females due to lung cancer never touched eve a cigarette. This cancer occurs in younger age compared with males. Other than that, almost half of lung cancer cases that affect adult happened in females.

Causes of lung cancer in females

As we have said earlier, smoking is the number one reason for this cancer. But there are also some other reasons that make a woman should experience this condition. The causes are such as the exposures to radon in the houses, secondhand smokers, occupational and environmental exposures as well as the predisposition of genetic matter.

The recent research also shows that lung cancer symptoms in females affect by the infection of HPV even though its role is not that huge, though.

Some studies also show that females may be more susceptible to develop the carcinogens that triggered by the substances in cigarettes. Other than that, females could develop the lung cancer just by smoking in very few years.

Treatment for lung cancer in females

The doctor will suggest you to do the therapies that already combined.

Local treatment is designed to eliminate the cancer cells locally from the source. It includes radiation therapy and of course surgery.

Systemic treatment is designed to manage the cancer cells wherever they are in your body. This treatment is important especially if cancer has already spread all over the lungs. This treatment includes immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and of course chemotherapy.

To stay away from unwanted condition, it is important to manage your lifestyle and convert into the healthy one. You should not neglect once you feel one of lung cancer symptoms in females.


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