15 Lung Cancer Symptoms in Stage 4

Perhaps we already know how the symptoms of lung cancer and the prevention ways while still at the early stage, but what about the symptoms of lung cancer stage 4? There are also the traits or symptoms that can be viewed and controlled even though lung cancer patients at this stage have small possibility to get rid of. On the final stage of this is many sufferers began to realize that his lungs cancer encroached on the middle and it is at this stage they will fight to live. For symptoms or signs are physically and emotionally, following this review.

On the final stage of this is many sufferers began to realize that his lungs cancer encroached on the middle and it is at this stage they will fight to live. For symptoms or signs are physically and emotionally, following this review.

15 Lung Cancer Symptoms in Stage 4

1. Fluids Accumulate around the lungs

On stage 4, usually liquid containing cancerous cells malignant pleural effusion or have been in the vicinity of the lungs, and the bottom line was out of the organ of the lung itself. It was there that the fluid would accumulate or buried and eventually causes shortness of breath more frequent and intense. In this phase, the doctor will more often take the road drying fluid for the sake of helping the sufferer or the patient to breathe better and more comfortable. When the liquid continues to grow and accumulate, then a procedure pleurodesis will be highly recommended by doctors so that resumption of the process of accumulation of fluids can be prevented.


2. Short of Breath accompanied by Cough

The lung cancer sufferers will indeed feel difficulty in breathing where breath will be short-short and have to go through the mouth. This State is also termed dyspnea or a condition that describes that lung function has been very poor due to the negative effects of cancer. Shortness of breath and coughing also be symptoms in the early stage, but at this stage will be more frequently so that the doctor will provide extra oxygen to help patients breathe better.

Not only the extra oxygen, doctors usually prescribe opioid pain. Pain medicine is given as shortness of breath and coughing occur, any chests will surely be felt very painful. Both these solutions will always be available when the sufferers are hospitalized.

3. Obstruction

The next symptom is an obstruction on lung cancer that had already arrived at the stadium in which the obstruction is a mark of bleeding out of the air channels. Remember that the growth of lung cancer is usually located just off airway tumor spread occur which then headed in the airway. This process then becomes a factor triggering the obstruction and bleeding. If the patient should experience this, the most common physician’s recommendation is a procedure or radiation with the goal of keeping bleeding can be controlled better and any obstruction may be reduced.

4. Metastatic Brain

In the final stage will be lung cancer or stadium 4, cancer has already spread to everywhere, and the parts of the brain also will receive the effects of the spread of cancer. Brain metastasis is a term often used to describe this condition, and therefore that is why sufferers will experience more frequent headaches, the body suddenly convulsed in a frequency quite often, as well as other neurological signs. This was very serious when cancer whose origin is from the lungs are already up to the organs of the brain.

Other neurological symptoms that we can see or experience is the problem/disruption in a talk. Even the body will feel an incredible weakness although not much activity was carried out. For this, the doctor would attempt to make a tumor growth slowed with the use of radiation therapy. The patient is expected to traverse the path of this treatment because symptoms would be lighter.

5. Outstanding Fatigue

Stage 4 lung cancer will also be marked by the presence of a sense of endless tiredness, as the body no longer has any power. In the final stages, lung cancer sufferers will become feeble and would feel tired despite only moving fast or little activity. This is also caused by the lung is damaged due to cancer the following organs in more exposed to the effects of the spread of cancer.

6. the Drastic weight loss

Lung cancer sufferers are already in the final stages of the descent would have experienced drastic enough weight. A sense of breathlessness that is uncomfortable, not to mention the chest pain will certainly make your appetite decreased and in stadium 4 body condition was certainly far different than when still at early stage. The lost body weight experienced by whole lung cancer sufferers that can also be caused by a diet in which fulfillment the calories really is limited and can not be indiscriminate.

7. The pain more intense

Because cancer had already spread to everywhere in the stadium 4, any pain will continue to be felt by the sufferer even more intense than pertained while still at an early stage.This is because the spread of lung cancer have been up to in the spine and also the sternum so that average pain will appear in that section. It’s hard enough to be able to withstand the pain in the late stage of this otherwise assisted with pain reliever drug and radiation therapy is recommended and provided by a doctor.

8. Often Daydreaming

From the side of the emotional changes experienced by sufferers of lung cancer stage 4 is how he will be more frequent daydreaming. Most sufferers would indeed like this because it felt that the conditions in the stadium 4 already can no longer be cured, there is no hope so that it becomes more reticent than usual. Frequent daydreaming is signs that he has a lot of thoughts about the middle condition of the already very serious accompanied with weak bodies and poor.

9. Often Sleep

Other symptoms that still has something to do with the change of emotions the sufferer is he will sleep more often than before. Feel the pain for too long and also a body too weak to actively taking part, certainly make it increasingly unable to do anything. In a State of helpless, in addition to the daydreaming, sleep would be his new activities especially if there are no friends to speak of.

10. Irritability

In General, any type of cancer, if it goes into stage 4, a person will feel the pain more than before. The pain and helplessness that is what makes the sufferer will be more irritable. His physical limitations will make it irritable because he felt he no longer had the ability to take care of himself as he used to do. That’s why the physical and mental support from close relatives is very necessary so that he feels the greyed out and not through this phase alone.

11. Pull out and lost interest in the Activities of their choice

Lung cancer sufferers who have been very badly would be easier to withdraw from social life. He will not be interested in meeting up with friends or siblings nearby though. Activities which used to be the thing he loved to do not be exciting anymore for him. Of course, this is most likely because it is very limited in terms of where physical difficulty talking and difficult to move, so he chose to sleep a lot and often daydreaming as already mentioned.

12. Breath fast and slow down Alternately

At the end of a phase or dying from a lung cancer sufferer, her breathing will be felt starting unstable where sometimes can quickly but briefly then will be slower when it is observed more carefully. Even when a sufferer is already at the stage of dying, then there are times when she will experience periods of not breathing. Such a State is also capable of triggering the emergence of fever.

13. Skin discoloration

In existing sufferers dying in Stadium 4, the respiratory function can potentially be getting down so it also provides the impact on skin color has changed. On the skin of sufferers will appear the color spots or rather blue. Call a doctor immediately if found that its patients experience this phase.

14. Do not feel hungry and thirsty

While on stage included most recently, sufferers usually no longer eating and drinking. The more it gets worse again, there are no signs that the sufferer feels thirsty or hungry. Most likely this is also caused by the spread of cancer that already cannot be saved again so that the patient’s condition is not preserved.

15. failing Organ function In

To the already reached stage 4, presumably, indeed hope to survive long including a small percentage. When it’s breathing started to not regularly accompanied by fever, then comes the bluish color of the skin, this indicates that the respiratory system has begun to fail in the exercise of their functions. This continues to the other internal organs, such as the heart which also failed in its function and cause a heart attack. Within a few minutes after this failed organs function, then would stop breathing, heart activity also followed that already do not work anymore. It was here that death will happen to sufferers who have entered stage 4.


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