15 Lung Cancer Treatment Naturally and Powerful

Lung cancer occurs in our body because it appears the growth of cancer cells in a completely uncontrolled on lung tissue and the origin of this type of cancer is usually a thin network of pulmonary organs in the US where his form is a layer of cells in the ducts.

Cigarette sm0king is the primary cause of approximately 75 percent of cases lung cancer in women and 90 percent of men. Lung cancer can be experienced by a person because of a large number of sm0ke sucked. Whether there may be treatment method of lung cancer with natural ingredients and steps but guaranteed effective?

15 Lung Cancer Treatment Naturally and Powerful

1. Quit sm0king

Because most leading causes of the incidence of cancer that attacks the lungs are the addict sm0king a cigarette, or anyone who is suffering from lung cancer due to active sm0king need to stop this bad habit. In t0bacco use, there are many contents harmful to our body, so it’ll make convince us to immediately quit sm0king, such as:

  • Benzene is also known as petrochemicals and is often utilized as a clothes dryers. In it, there is a carcinogen which can trigger cancer of the blood.
  • Nicotine is the substance that is highest in the sm0king, and its origin is from t0bacco; This is the material that would damage the structure of DNA and lead to cancer.
  • Tar is a substance that also is carcinogenic when we burn the sm0king. In addition to lung cancer, there are also heart disease, chronic bronchitis, blood diseases, pregnancy disorders, impotence, as well as enfisema.
  • Arsenic is also dangerous because it is a kind of metal on sm0king that could make our blood contaminated by toxins.
  • Acetone is a chemical found in nail polish remover, but apparently, it also exists on cigarettes and can stay at the pulmonary organs.
  • Formaldehyde is known as chemical substances that are frequently used as a preservative corpse, so imagine how terrible and hazardous materials in cigarettes is to the body.
  • Ammonia is also present in cigarettes, and it is this substance that makes sm0ke can be addictive.
  • Karbonmonoksida is the content inside the sm0king with the percentage of 5 percent, and this is a toxic gas that can damage the process of transporting and distribution of oxygen by the blood. Lung eventually became corrupted, and other threats are coronary heart disease.
  • Nitrogen oxides cannot be forgotten because the substances or toxic gas is also the bad effect on performance and health of the lungs; will usually cause the inflammation.
  • Cadmium is a kind of other metals where there are usually in the process of making batteries. Cadmium compounds that will go into the body of the sm0ker and will reside in the lining of the kidney. Besides being dangerous to the lungs, kidney damage can also be caused by him.
  • Coumarin is probably not too familiar, but there was substance in food as supplementary materials, but the standard of the world has banned the use of these substances in food, but there is still on sm0king.
  • Any lead is a carcinogen which can bring death.
  • Naphthalene is known as mothballs repel rats and useful insects, so it certainly will not be good for the organ in the human body.
  • Chromium metal is again proven to cause cancer.
  • Hydrogen cyanide is the last content on sm0king that will quickly trigger damage to Cilia on the bronchial tract and the lungs.

2. Use a Soursop leaf extract

To treat lung cancer without having to drink the medicine your doctor or any other medical treatment side effect conferring, utilizing soursop leaf extract will be very helpful so that the lung condition better during treatment.

Soursop leaf extract is highly recommended because in it there are compounds of acetogenins which can make cancer cells die. At least, with the growth of cancer cells will be slowed.

Acetogenins compounds will not harm the cells of healthy bodies in the body because it is only the cancer cells will be countered. Has the strength of 10 thousand times greater than the chemotherapy drugs, soursop leaf extract along with the known the acetogenins compound able to eradicate more than twelve kinds of cancer, according to research that has proved it. Then there is no harm to start considering natural remedies on this one.

3. Taking the Mangosteen Rind Extract

Extract from the mangosteen rind was already very famous will benefit both and all his excellence in the care of the body and prevents the body from any dangerous diseases, especially cancer. Xanthone content in extract trusted, and useful role as an antioxidant and anticancer is also at the same time.

Has been demonstrated in a preclinical research with human breast cancer cell cultures or SKBR3 xanthone has anti-viral properties that the proliferation of with high power where it can to make the growth of cancer cells slower.

His role as apoptosis also makes us increasingly can trust mangosteen rind as a remedy for lung cancer because the cancer cell destruction naturally supported by nature. Various types of compounds included in the xanthone on mangosteen rind, then it is very evident that the benefits are enormous. However this only xanthone compounds we encounter on the mangosteen rind only.

4. Use the Seaweed

Lung cancer healing without drugs or medical handling actually could just do, and one of the natural ingredients that will help is seaweed. Seaweed in fact often entered into my macrobiotic diet section because it is the power of healing including high. It has been proved that seaweeds are very useful in healing of various types of cancer, and no exception of lung cancer.

Types of sea vegetable are indeed very useful because of its role in the human body detoxify. Various essential minerals found in seagrass, so that the body certainly needs it. Care or treatment using this material can be tested as long as also the habit of sm0king also stopped to obtain the best results.

5. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is a type of healthy drinks that are not only suitable for treating lung cancer but also the kind of cancer. This is because the role of green tea as well as an antioxidant in which lung cancer would be it helpful during her recovery.

But remember, be, and it is recommended to consume instead of then-then we can take it as much as we‘d like because when overload is also not good for the body. Just drink 2 cups per day, lung cancer will be well maintained better aside from avoiding sm0king.

6. Avoid Sugar

Sugar not only need to be avoided by people with diabetes but apparently, the sugars are also not recommended for consumption by the person with lung cancer.

Thus instead of sugar will increase the growth faster than normal so that cancer can be more dangerous shortly. To avoid the worsening of lung cancer, we suggest that food and drink are abundant in sugar are avoided as best as possible.

7. Avoid Al*oholic Drinks

It seems to have very clear and does not need to be questioned again why al*ohol should not be consumed by people with cancer, including those who suffered from lung cancer, because al*ohol is also one kind of drink a health destroyer.

Many types of illness arising in the human body caused by the effects of the liquor, so to treat lung cancer successfully, stop the habit of drinking al*ohol. Not only the lungs will be interrupted its performance by al*oholic beverages, any nervous system gradually will become corrupted, and this is why many drinkers and al*oholics start to lose his common sense.

8. Healthy Diet

Dieting is not only will help us acquire ideal body weight and body shape that is entertaining because a healthy diet is also capable of helping sufferers of lung cancer during her recovery.

Start dieting well balanced when it has felt the symptoms of lung cancer will also lower the risk of cancer becomes severe. Things to do when diets healthy is eating a lot of white water and balanced with healthy foods such as salads.

Fruits are also highly recommended to be consumed, it’s just for fruit citrus needs to be augmented and should be enjoyed on a regular basis on the day or evening. To help lung cancer treatment, sufferers are advised to avoid nuts because this type of food is not good for lung cancer.

9. Obtain Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also important and apparently can be used as a natural cure for lung cancer. To get these nutrients, we can look for foods with a high content of vitamin D (milk cows are allowed with the little quantity, but for other dairy products should be avoided).

But actually, vitamin D can be obtained from the rays of the morning sun; so, it’s good every morning take a minute to bask in the morning when the Sun is shining. Vitamin D would be very supportive of the treatment, recovery, and treatment of the patients with lung cancer naturally.

10. Use Flax Oil

Never heard or saw the form of flax oil or flax oil? If possible, the people living with lung cancer may also wear this natural ingredient for more natural healing and perfect. How to clear its use with the consumption quantity or measure a little each day. Don’t stop and keep use every day, even when your lungs feel a bit better already.

11. Make use of Asian Ginseng

Ginseng no doubts indeed beneficial to maintain and even improve the health of the body. Ginseng is very often used as the main ingredient in traditional medicine, and it turns out that this material is also useful for treating lung cancer.

Even according to the UMMC or the University of Maryland Medical Center, taking ginseng every day or routinely designate can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer; In addition to lung cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, ovarian and pancreatic cancer risk can be lowered.

This is because ginseng has been proven to have the ability to hold or slow down tumor growth in the body. In addition to lung cancer treated, ginseng will also help improve the physical and mental qualities of the people who consume it. So, in fact, many health benefits can be felt by us at the same time.

12. Consume Ginger

Ginger may we know as the most potent natural ingredients are often used as a cough medicine, but Ginger is also safe and efficient in treating and preventing lung cancer. Well, it was made into a warm drink or add them to dishes, we can feel pleased for our lungs that are problematic.

13. Using Turmeric

Other herbs that can be used to treat lung cancer because the Spice Turmeric is the level of similarity to the ginger high has substance Curcumin. These same substances that will be very instrumental in expelling substances trigger lung cancer. Even for those who suffer from pneumonia will also be lighter after consuming this material one.

14. Eating a Pomegranate

Lung cancer treatment that is safe and other naturally occurring pomegranate is a fruit because it apparently is very beneficial to make the blood supply is increased. In addition, toxic substances to enter and stay in our lungs organs due to sm0king will also be eliminated naturally without side effects.

15. Eating Fruit Berry

To expel and remove all the carcinogens from sm0king that live in our lungs, fruit berry can be consumed on a regular basis each day. Inside the fruit berry is there a zeaxanthin content coupled with flavonoids, lutein, and carotenoids which even automatically supports convalescence for lung cancer. This type of fruit is a berry that is more recommended for consumption include blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry.

So 15 lung cancer treatment in a natural and healthy can be done either with or without medical treatment. Natural treatment is clearly more reliably without harmful side effects as long as the materials are consumed the drug according to the exact measure without exaggeration. Clean the lungs with the ways and happy to try it.


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