8 Traits of Lung Cancer in Children Obliged to Lookout For

Lung cancer is a type of malignant cancer that is reasonably feared by the public. In addition to breast cancer, cervical cancer, and also prostate cancer, lung cancer also contributes to a number of deaths of people in Indonesia and even the world. The majority of cases of lung cancer are caused by the buildup of carcinogenic substances (substances that can trigger cancer) in the body.

Carcinogenic substances that cause lung cancer is mostly derived from the behavior of smoke, and some small air waste comes from others (such as asbestos, arsenic, nickel, chromate, radiation, etc.) that accumulated in the long period. Therefore cases of lung cancer are more prevalent in men compared to women, because of their behaviors are smoking more done by men.

8 Traits of Lung Cancer in Children Obliged to Lookout For

Because this disease is closely associated with smoking behavior, then both active, as well as passive smokers, have the same opportunities for developing this disease. Active smokers (those smoking) has been very clear risks for developing cancer of the lung due to smoking are sucked. However, any passive smokers reportedly have the same opportunities to affected by the dangers of active smokers.


Passive smokers are people who don’t smoke but often inhale the c1garette smoke from smokers. The smoke inhaled by passive smokers can spread to the lungs and if left in a long period of time it is not impossible that the smoke will trigger the growth of cancer cells.

Classmates of dangerous diseases of lung cancer can actually attack anyone with any age limit either adults, teens, or even children. In the age of such vulnerable children surely this cancer is extremely dangerous and can be life-threatening. But often children are not aware of the existence of this disease. If so, parents or others in the vicinity should pay attention to whether children experience some traits of cancer of the Lung in children:

1. A Cough that Never Heals

In fact, the usual pain that qualifies as a cough can strike anyone. No matter the cause is as varied as the condition of the body that is less fit, consume greasy food with excessive consumption of foods containing a lot of MSG, etc. A usual cough will be healed in a matter of days, with or without consuming cough medicine.

But be wary if the children are experiencing a prolonged cough and never recovered in a span of more than two weeks because such conditions could be a signal the presence of cancer in the lungs. What if there are blood spots while children were coughing as this could indicate that lung cancer in children is already serious enough.

2. Chest pain When coughing or Laughing

In addition to a prolonged cough and never recovered, children who suffer from lung cancer will usually experience pain in his chest when coughing or even laugh. This is because of cancer cells in their lungs. Often the pain has experienced enough torture when cancer is already are at a serious stage.

3. Weight down without clear Cause

One of the characteristics of lung cancer the most visible is a significant weight loss. Weight loss is also experienced by children who suffer from lung cancer. This condition often occurs without an obvious cause. If the lung cancer was already at the stadium are quite high, the body of the sufferer will usually look very thin. Mensiasatinya by providing additional food to the children is usually not quite managed to increase his weight because in conjunction with weight loss is usually the child becomes not appetite.

4. Respiratory Disorders Frequently Recurring and

The lung is one of a very important organ in the body’s respiratory system support. Therefore if the lungs are compromised by the presence of cancer cells so breathing would be disturbed. Some respiratory disorders that often occur in children who suffer from lung cancer include shortness of breath, as one of asthma, as well as a short breath and wheezing. This breathing disorder usually occurs in quite a long time so it will make children become very uncomfortable.

5. Swelling in the neck and Face

The characteristics of lung cancer on the next child that is to be seen in addition to the weight loss is the presence of a swelling in the neck and face. If the swelling on both the part of the body is also accompanied with pain and weak, especially in the feet and hands as well as pain in the chest, then immediately consult a doctor because these conditions constitute a strong signal the presence of lung cancer in children. Swelling in the neck and face this could be even greater if the lung cancer was not immediately addressed.

6. Limp and Listless

Cancer cells that develop in lung organ will make a child into a limp, lethargic, and less excited about the activity. Therefore if there is a child who experiences these symptoms in a prolonged time to look out for, because it could be he was suffered from lung cancer.

7. Pneumonia

Pneumonia is an inflammation or infection that occur on one or both parts of the lungs. This inflammation can be caused by infection with bacteria, viruses, or fungus. Pneumonia infections can happen to anyone including children. Pneumonia is characterized by a cough, pain in the chest, and short of breath. Begin to be aware of pneumonia because it turns out that this infection can be one indication of cancer in the lungs.

8. Recurrent infections

A child stricken with lung cancer the durability of his body will decrease because the cancer cells are undermining the breathing organs. The result of that then he often experiences recurring infections in the lungs organs. Infections that can occur in a child suffering from cancer of the lungs such as pneumonia and bronchitis. Therefore if a middle child misbehaving on the lungs, the doctor will usually instruct to do x-rays against any infection, so that patients who are attacking children can be detected early so that treatment can be done immediately.

One or more of the characteristics of the lung cancer may be experienced by a child that is being suffered from dangerous diseases. If Your closest relatives experience characteristics, immediately consult a doctor because these diseases include the malignant disease that can attack anyone including children unexpectedly. When lung cancer in children found it early so treatment can be carried out immediately, so it’s likely to recover well. Hopefully, this information is useful to you.


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