Can You Live With One Lung Only? Yes Absolutely, You Can

Can we live with one lung only? Hear that question, we definitely feel alerted and will preserve the health of our body well. Why do some people have only one lung? It’s all due to lung cancer or lung disease.

Our lungs use oxygen as the fuels, our body’s life was sustained by gas. We breathe the air, then extract the oxygen and spread out into the bloodstream, where it is rushed off into tissues and the other organs which need to stay function. Oxygen pushed the respiration process, which provides our cells with energy.

Can You Live With One Lung Only, Yes Absolutely,You Can

The waste of carbon dioxide was produced as the by product and disposed of when we start to exhale. Without any this vital exchange, our cells will die faster and leave our body to suffocate as well.Because of this lung process air, they are the only internal organ that was constantly exposed to the external environment.


This is becoming central of human’s repertory and usually, we breathe around 2100 and 2400 gallons of air in each day and amount that needed for oxygenate round 2400 galloons or over than blood that pumps through our heart in each day.

In other words, our lung also brings the key role for our body, they process our respiratory and make the other organs stay in good function. You may never hear of persons who live with one lung and some of them able to survive though it would be hard than normal people. This makes us wonder, can you live with one lung?

Can You Live With One Lung?

According to the Scientist on Lowa State University, this is possible for a person to live only with one lung, however, they will face several challenges in their lives. This is because they have reduced the ability to bring the oxygen to the body. With one lung, the respiratory ability was reduced because of the lower oxygen capacity in their body.

Some peoples with cancer and those were chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, usually had known as the COPD, may need the surgery process to lift out the diseased lung. Hence, they had required living only with one lung. This is can make the physical activities, such as mowing garden, walking around, etc becomes harder than with 2 lungs.

However, they should know this limitation and need to adapt that make them easier to enjoy their own life, though only with one lung. Paus Francis is the example of the person that can live normally only with one lung. Actually, there is the alternative way to cure cancer and kill the cancer cells, with the essential oils.

Although you need always keep your all of organs as if you can, here the other’s organs that you could live without, some of them:

1. Kidney.

As you know, that all of the humans have 2 kidneys, but some of them only live with one kidney to survive. Peoples may be bonded only with one kid net or had been removed due to injury or donation. Generally, peoples with one kidney are possible and can life normally as well, according to National Kidney Foundation. But they have required the dialysis.

2. Spleen.

Spleen has filtered the blood and help the body to against the infection, but it is not that essential to survive. The spleen was removed, when it is broken. But, peoples without spleen will get the higher risk of infections.

3. Stomach

When someone experiencing cancer in the stomach, the doctor will usually perform a gastrectomy procedure, namely the adoption of the entire stomach. When this is done, then the small intestine will be connected with the esophagus. People who have undergone gastric Rapture cannot eat as much as the people who still have a stomach. Usually, they are expected to consume supplements to make the body more easily absorb vitamins. Even so, people can live without a stomach.

4. Large Intestine

People affected by bowel or Crohn’s disease usually undergo colon Rapture. People still can survive without having a colon, but they may require a container outside the body to accumulate dirt. However, the procedure can be done to make the bags in the small intestine to replace the function of the colon, according to the Mayo Clinic.

5. Appendix

Appendicitis is a tube-shaped organ is small and indented from the colon. Appendicitis is usually taken if experiencing inflammation. Many people who have undergone the appointment of appendicitis but was still able to live normally as usual.

6. Reproductive Organs

Women affected by cancer of the uterus, chronic hip pain, or dangerous diseases that attack other reproductive organs will usually undergo the procedure of appointment of the uterus. About one in three women in America do these procedures when they are aged 60 years. The man also could just make the designation of testicular cancer. Although reproductive organs were taken, human remains could live normally, but can’t have descendants.

So, can we live with one lung? Yes, We can. But, it all depends on the ability of our body.


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